Large organizations spend millions of dollars on various advertising like  TV ads, Print ads, Hoardings, & promotions, etc.  to build their brands & attract customers to buy their products & services . On contrary, SMBs  do not have budget to spend Millions of dollars on advertising.   However, the need to attract customer is same or more.  Hence the SME have to rely on innovative & cost effective ways  to generate these leads  on a shoe string budget.

First, let us look at the various sources of leads (a partial list):

·         Advertising (TV Ads, Print Ads, Radio Ads, Internet ads, Hoardings,…)
·         Trade shows
·         Seminars
·         Mailing Campaign
·         Telemarketing
·         Internet Marketing ( SEO, SEM/PPC, SMM)
·         Referrals
·         Through Partners/Dealers

All these lead sources can be categorized into 2 types:

1)      High cost leads
2)      Low/zero cost leads

In option one, if you have the budget for it, one has to find the right agency & they can give you hundreds of options to choose from.   In this article we will take a closer look at the second option.  SMEs have to be very innovative in order to generate low/zero cost leads.  This again differs from industry to industry & from geo to geo.

One of most economical way to generate low cost leads is by Internet marketing (Digital Marketing). This method can cost as low as 10-20% of  the cost of conventional marketing. If you know how to do it & have the time to do it, with little effort you can generate many leads in a short period of time.

There are 4 steps to follow to generate low coat leads:

1)      Develop a excellent website (Content/ look & feel/ Value proposition)
2)      Increase traffic to your website using tools like SEO, SEM/PPC, SMM
3)      Lure your customers with hard to refuse offers & downloads
4)      Make them fill the form & collect the name & contact info

Once you have the Database of leads, you need to contact them  through mailing campaign/s or telemarketing & follow up to close deals.  Most of the SME/SMBs do not have a Marketing department with a dedicated marketing person. Rather than doing it yourself,  is also advisable  to outsource these activities to a small marketing company which can generate low cost leads for you, so that you can focus on your core activities like development, manufacturing & delivery.

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I am not sure which one is the worst to have, a good website with no visitors or a bad website with lots of visitors.  Both the options are non productive.  In today’s digital world, every organization should have a good website which generates some business for the organization.

Every website should have the basic pages like Home, About us, Products/services offered and Contact us. Some optional content  includes pages  like online demo, videos, blog, downloads, case studies, news,….etc.

A SME/SMB which does not have a website ( in this day & age, yes there are still companies owned by lawyers, accounting service provides, independent health care service provides to name a few….) should immediately go  for a minimum 4-5 pages  website which is called a Brochureware.    These type of website are generally developed for SMEs  which do not have  web presence ( 1st web site), have very limited budget  in the tune of Rs. 5000 to Rs. 10000 ( $100-$200).  Brochureware are generally not updated frequently.

Even brochureware site can attract web visitors  as high as 100 -500 per month  with appropriate SEO/SEM/SMM.  These visitors  can easily convert into 10-50 leads per month and can generate some business for the organization.  Once the SME has reaped the benefit of the Brochureware, the organization can graduate to a serious website  with all the bells & whistles & some aggressive SEO/SEM/SMM.  I am sure this will result into multi-fold business generation for the organization. 

If the whole website design & development  and  SEO/SEM/SMM is done with careful planning & execution by  a professional vendor, the ROI can be measured & can be achieved in less than a year.

Now let us look at  organizations, which  already have a website.  8 out of 10 websites of SMEs according to me do not have a website which reflects the true capability & reputation of the organization.  I have heard several SMEs  complain that I have a website but does not generate any business for me.  Why?  There are only two reasons: the website is not good enough for the visitor to do business with you, and secondly  it is not optimized for  SEO/SEM/SMM & hence there are hardly any visitors to these websites. One has to find out which is your problem (or both). Discuss this with your web site service provider & find the appropriate solution to fix the same.

Gone are the days when website just provided the info on products & services. In today’s competitive environment website is a business generating channel or tool. Every organization should ask how much  business is generated by my website.  If  the answer  is nil or insignificant, then you are leaving lot of money on the table for your competitors.  You should seriously consider revamping your website such that it generates some significant  business for your organization.

Here are some of the components of a good business generating website:

1.       Good Website design
2.       Good Website content
3.       Good web site look & feel
4.       Contemporary style
5.       Good Navigation
6.       Blog with good article
7.       Basic on-page & off-page SEO
8.       Basic SMM
9.       SEM/PPC(If you have internet marketing budget)
10.   Google Analytics

Also make sure that your website is W3C compliant, thoroughly tested for all broken links, optimized for various browsers ( with their earlier versions) , optimized for Mobiles & Tablets(various OSs).

If you do not have a website and are contemplating to have one or you have a website but are not satisfied with the look & feel or it is not generating any business for you (no ROI) or does not have some of the above mentioned components & are planning to incorporate some of these, Vaidya Consulting can help. Please contact us for a free consultation.